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Dredging of the Delaware and Raritan Canal

Dredging Information

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Dredging Overview

Sediment from road and land runoff fills up the Delaware & Raritan Canal and decreases the flow that the Canal can pass. Periodically, the sediment needs to be removed to restore the Canalís original capacity. The sediment removal process is known as dredging,

Based on the review of dredging options and stakeholder input, this project will use a small hydraulic dredge with sediment dewatering via either Geobags or belt presses. The hydraulic dredge sucks up a mixture of sediment and water from the channel bottom. The amount of water sucked up is controlled to make the optimal texture, called slurry.

The slurry needs to be dried prior to the sediment being hauled away for beneficial reuse. For this project, there are two options for dewatering: Geobags and belt presses. Slurry is pumped into the Geobags and the solid and sediment materials remain in the bag, while clean water is let out of the bag. Belt presses apply mechanical pressure to drain water from the slurry.

For more information about dredging, visit these resources:

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Project History

The New Jersey Water Supply Authority (NJWSA) selected Urban Dredging Consultants, Joint Venture to do the design for dredging of the Delaware and Raritan Canal (D&R Canal) from Route 27 in Kingston and Amwell Road in Franklin Township. The objective of the project is to remove an estimated 240,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Canal to restore flow capacity.  The Canal serves as a source of drinking water for millions of residents in central New Jersey and provides recreational opportunities for its numerous visitors. The dredging design will address the water supply needs for the area and take into account the surrounding cultural and natural resources.

The project includes sediment sampling and characterization, identifying staging areas, dredging and dewatering activities, sediment disposal options, and the preparation of an Environmental Information Document (EID).  Evaluation of dredging methodologies began in December 2010. Design work is expected to be completed by July 2013 and funding in place by late 2013. Three construction periods are anticipated, which are scheduled to commence in early 2014.

NJWSA is leading a public outreach effort to provide information regarding the project to interested stakeholders as well as identify local concerns.  Initial meetings with officials from Somerset County, Millstone, South Brunswick, Montgomery, Hillsborough, Rocky Hill, and Franklin were completed in July 2010. Public meetings with stakeholders including area residents, businesses, civic groups, and recreational users were held. In addition, a public hearing took place to review the findings of the EID.  Project details and updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us or you would like to be included on the stakeholders list, please e-mail dredginginfo@njwsa.org or info@actengineers.com, subject: D&R Canal.


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